SELVATIXA is an online retailer that exclusively curates high quality accessories handmade in Colombia. SELVATIXA is proud to work with brands that believe in empowering indigenous communities and helping improve their living conditions, while sustaining the finest craftsmanship. Our brands work with several indigenous communities, these being mainly from the Wayuu tribe based in La Guajira, and the INGA community based in el Putumayo.

We believe in preserving and fomenting the artisanal traditions of Colombia and at the same time promote and contribute to the progress of the commercialization of artisanal products. Therefore, we want to support small businesses in Colombia and help them go global. 

We want to show the talent of our country to the world by curating unique, elegant and bold accessories made with love and dedication. Our products are all exclusively designed and manufactured by each of our brands.

We believe in making the world a better place, nature needs our care and attention, which is why ALL of our accessories are sustainable, eco-friendly and handmade!

Our Founder 

Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. Maria Clara, also known as Mequi, grew up dreaming about living in New York City and working in the fashion industry. She worked for Ralph Lauren and Coach focusing on eCommerce and wholesale and used all of her knowledge to launch SELVATIXA. She likes mixing her passion for fashion, her entrepreneurial personality and her love for her country, Colombia!

Maria Clara carefully chooses and curates each product on the website. SELVATIXA represents the elegance in modern women while at the same time being bold and fierce.