Gorguera Sculpture Bronze Ring

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By Trefoil

This ring is a One of a kind sculpture transformed into a body ornament that represents the deconstruction of social barriers! Handmade in Colombia, each Trefoil ring takes 18 to 50 hours of artisanal labor, creating jobs for Colombian indigenous communities and fomenting the ancestral artisanal traditions.

  • This product is handmade therefore, colors and shape may vary
  • Gender Neutral
  • Materials: Bronze which is 98% copper and 2% other metals
  • hand sculpted in wax
  • Bronze is made in the Trefoil atelier from used copper cables
  • Hypoallergenic lacquer to seal the details
  • handmade patina surface - it usually refers to a distinct green surface layer on bronze sculptures which gives the ring a simulation of antiquity and aging
  • Ideal as a nuckle ring - Size down
  • This ring can be adjusted, therefore it is opened on the back
  • This ring can be ordered in any size, choose Custom and we will reach out for your size. You can also text us through our chat or send us an email to customerservice@selvatixa.com.